Special Thanks
Mr. Robert Fogarty
Mr. Eric Takamura
Mr. Jeffrey Jones
Dr. & Mrs. Paul Bedewi
Mrs. Helen Overby
Mme. Christel Petermann
Mr. Gary Daum
Dr. John Balbach
Mr. Devin Battley
Mr. David Stallone
Mr. Keith Kaucher
Dr. & Mrs. Elias Bedewi
Mr. & Mrs. Ghassan Sabbagh
My parents Dr. & Mrs. Nabih Bedewi
My sister Lara
Uncle Nabil & Aunt Kareen
Uncle Issa & Aunt Nihal
Uncle Roberto & Aunt Nancy
Dr. Gabrielle Bedewi
Commander & Mrs. Trevor Estes
Mr. Ron Takamura
Mr. Drew Alexander
Mr. James Hillman
Project Goal
The goal of the project is to build a single person
hybrid-electric commuter car using off-the-shelf
components that is capable of achieving over 200
miles per gallon on normal road conditions. The
challenge is to drive the car from New York City to
Washington DC, a distance of approximately 240
miles, using a combination of a battery powered
electric motor and a generator with one gallon tank of
fuel. The drive is mainly on secondary roads and
averaging a speed of 30-35 miles per hour.  

I completed the One Gallon Challenge on March 12,
2012.  Read more about the trip