The One Gallon Challenge drive took place on March 12, 2012

The following are facts about the drive:

  • Started at 5:30 AM in Jersey City, NJ by Liberty Park.

  • Arrived in Georgetown Prep in N. Bethesda, MD 12 hours later (this included a few stops on the way).

  • The major cities passed through included Philadelphia (PA), Wilmington (DE), and Baltimore (MD).

  • Top speed was around 42 mph but I tried to maintain a speed of around 30-35 mph the entire way.

  • The drive out of Jersey City was a bit difficult with lots of traffic lights, stop signs, and construction.  The
    first 15 miles or so were very slow and took over an hour and a half and used up a lot of energy.

  • The vehicle drove very well and there were no incidents. There were strong head and side winds
    especially over bridges and once I left Wilmington, DE.

  • Daylight savings time kicked in and I had to use all the lights (headlights etc) for longer than originally
    planned.  The fuel needed to power the lights in the morning is equivalent to about 15 miles of range.

  • The Yamaha generator seemed to be heating up too much and there was significant gas evaporating
    and spillage through the gas cap.  It is clear that it was not intended for mobile applications.  It is hard to
    estimate the fuel lost but the chase vehicle team members complained of strong fuel smell at lights and
    stop signs.

Fuel economy analysis:

Overall the vehicle used up a little over a gallon for the 231 mile trip.  The gauge is not very accurate but it is
somewhere under 1.25 gallons.  This translates to 184 miles per gallon.

The four factors described above contributed to the extra gas needed, but otherwise the vehicle would have
definitely achieved the one gallon goal.  

It should be noted that the battery was still fully charged when I arrived at Prep, which would have given me an
additional 70 miles or so.  Technically I did not need the extra 1/4 gallon if I drove the final 47 miles from
Baltimore on pure battery only.

Photos and media coverage:

Please visit the "Photos & Videos" tab on the left for updated photos of the drive as well as videos on
YouTube.  The video below is a News 9 segment that was broadcast live when I arrived at Georgetown
Preparatory School in North Bethesda, MD.  Other media links are listed below.

Special Thanks
Mr. Robert Fogarty
Mr. Eric Takamura
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Dr. & Mrs. Paul Bedewi
Mrs. Helen Overby
Mme. Christel Petermann
Mr. Gary Daum
Dr. John Balbach
Mr. Devin Battley
Mr. David Stallone
Mr. Keith Kaucher
Dr. & Mrs. Elias Bedewi
Mr. & Mrs. Ghassan Sabbagh
Mom & Dad
My sister Lara
Uncle Nabil & Aunt Kareen
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Uncle Roberto & Aunt Nancy
Dr. Gabrielle Bedewi
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