Special Thanks
Mr. Robert Fogarty
Mr. Eric Takamura
Mr. Jeffrey Jones
Dr. & Mrs. Paul Bedewi
Mrs. Helen Overby
Mme. Christel Petermann
Mr. Gary Daum
Dr. John Balbach
Mr. Devin Battley
Mr. David Stallone
Mr. Keith Kaucher
Dr. & Mrs. Elias Bedewi
Mr. & Mrs. Ghassan Sabbagh
Mom & Dad
My sister Lara
Uncle Nabil & Aunt Kareen
Uncle Issa & Aunt Nihal
Uncle Roberto & Aunt Nancy
Dr. Gabrielle Bedewi
Commander & Mrs. Trevor Estes
Mr. Ron Takamura
Mr. Drew Alexander
Mr. James Hillman
To view photos taken throughout the construction, testing, and challenge drive,
please click on this picture below which will take you to the OneDrive page.
I have posted short videos on YouTube that show the vehicle at different stages of
the construction and prior to the drive.  To access the channel click on the link below.
The video below is a News 9 segment that was broadcast live when I arrived at Georgetown
Preparatory School in North Bethesda, MD.